About Us


Stocking everything from Abrasives
to Wood, and the Filler in between
since 1989.

We have a simple philosophy: stock the best products and provide customized service. We search for, and stock well known brands and smaller brands worth your time, and you’ll be able to come by any of our locations and buy the same day.

We are a wholesale distributor of hardwood flooring and all the products you’ll need for installation and upkeep. We only sell to professionals and retailers, but if you need help finding the right contractor, we’re happy to help.


We’ve got you covered

We want you to able to come into any of our four locations and find what you need; that’s why we stock everything in our on-site warehouses. We’re here to help you get everything you need to install, finish and preserve your work for years.

Extra care

What we distribute has an impact on our environment, that’s why we work with companies that work sustainably, and we stock products that have low emissions. We carry several different lines that offer low VOC stains and finishes. We also work with wood flooring mills that source wood from sustainable or managed forestry operations. The work we do as an industry has an intimate relationship with the health of our customers. We at Southern Wood Flooring are very conscious of not only those with allergies but the environment for our generation and generations to come. We are happy to provide Safety Data Sheets on all of our products..

How we started

We’ve been around since 1989, when we were founded by Mitchell and Betsy Brown. After growing up in the wood flooring business, Mitchell got his start by installing and hand scraping wood floors every summer in Dallas, alongside his father. After meeting Betsy at University of Texas, they settled down in Dallas and set out in the wood flooring business. After years of working on the retail end, they realized there was a need to affect the distribution side of the business.

Our team

We want to answer any questions you’ve got: we’ll help track down that special exotic wood, or send you on your way with your exact order the same day. If one of us doesn’t know the answer, we can usually find it within our team. Reach out with any questions.


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